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  1. Rub-  This garam masala- rubbed poek is an excellent summer dish.
  2. Coffee- It’ll taste fresher and spicier when you brew it, not to mention the smell of the garam masala coffee blend will be divine!
  3. Popcorn- shake some garam masala on your popped kernels post-butter, In just a sprinkle, it’ll make your popcorn go from boring to brilliant!
  4. Red lentil soup- Garam masala is a classic solution for spicing up lentils, so it’s no wonder that this red lentil masala soup recipe is such a hit.
  5. Baked potatoes- Try roasting, seasoning, or stuffing your potatoes with delicious garam masala as a change of pace!
  6. Hash Browns- While your hash browns cook, sprinkle in garam masala to taste. Pair with a couple eggs or some creme fraiche, and you’re cooking gourmet!
  7. Green beans- great way to take green beans from everyday to excellent! Just sprinkle garam masala
  8. Vegetables- Make your veggies exciting; Use frozen veggies, stir fry them  and make the vegetable masala to make it incredibly affordable and delicious!
  9. Channa Masala- Have you always wanted to make amazing channa masala and you don’t want to spend money in restaurants every-time. Sk”s Garam masala and Curry powder will help you in making your favourite channa masala.
  10. Carrot Soup- Pair with a crusty piece of bread, and you have your lunch or dinner! For  recipe- click the link
  11. Chicken breast- Take your standard cooked chicken to unique place by just sprinkling some garam masala. Serve it with a side of roasted or steamed vegetables, and you’ve taken an everyday meal to new, flavourful levels.
  12. Mayonnaise- Bored with your everyday mayo? Sprinkle some garam masala and make your mayo interesting plus spicier.


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