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1. A dry curry will be accompanied with a wet curry (dal) 2 rotis and 1 cup (8oz) of rice or 3 chapatis

2. If the meal contains only rice (like veg biryani or chicken biryani) we will provide 3 cups of the rice dish.

3. If the meal contains only a wet curry (like palak paneer) it will be accompanied with 2 cup of rice or 3 chapatis

4. On clients request, we can provide 2 cups of rice instead of the roti and rice combination.


1. For people taking 5 meals per week the price for vegetarian meals is $8.25/meal.

2. For people taking less than 5 meals in a week the price for vegetarian meals is $10/meal

3. For people picking up $7.5 per meal and no delivery charges.

Meal Delivery charge

1. We deliver our Tiffin-style Indian meals to areas in Halifax and Bedford, including downtown Halifax, Spryfield, Clayton Park, Fairview, Bayer’s Lake and the Larry Uteck area, bedford.

2. We will be charging a fixed delivery charge of $2 a day.

4. We will be happy to remove delivery charges if we get 2 references from you.

Initial Deposit

1. A one-time refundable deposit of $30 is required to start/continue meal delivery service. If you have already paid the $30 you do not have to pay it again but if you haven’t you would need to pay that to continue the service after these updates come into effect.

2. A two week paid cancellation notice is required to get the initial deposit of $30 back. 



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Downtown Halifax

[/pb_googlemap_item][pb_googlemap_item gmi_title="Bedford" gmi_url="http://" gmi_image="" gmi_lat="44.722704" gmi_long="-63.676815" ]


[/pb_googlemap_item][pb_googlemap_item gmi_title="Spryfield" gmi_url="http://" gmi_image="" gmi_lat="44.604976" gmi_long="-63.613185" ]


[/pb_googlemap_item][pb_googlemap_item gmi_title="Clayton Park" gmi_url="http://" gmi_image="" gmi_lat="44.660251" gmi_long="-63.646433" ]

Clayton Park

[/pb_googlemap_item][pb_googlemap_item gmi_title="Fairview" gmi_url="http://" gmi_image="" gmi_lat="44.653244" gmi_long="-63.639749" ]


[/pb_googlemap_item][pb_googlemap_item gmi_title="Bayers Lake" gmi_url="http://" gmi_image="" gmi_lat="44.643633" gmi_long="-63.673376" ]

Bayers Lake

[/pb_googlemap_item][pb_googlemap_item gmi_title="Larry Uteck" gmi_url="http://" gmi_image="" gmi_lat="44.700749" gmi_long="-63.682276" ]

Larry Uteck

[/pb_googlemap_item][pb_googlemap_item gmi_title="Bedford" gmi_url="http://" gmi_lat="3" gmi_long="9" ]

Description of marker

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