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Terms of service

  1. Payment is charged on a weekly basis. It is due on or before the first day of the tiffin delivery for that week.
  2. We will be delivering only on wednesdays and delivery charge is $2.This needs to be paid along with the weekly payment.
  3. The minimum meals you have to order is 3 for us to deliver you. 
  4. There is a $30 refundable deposit required to be paid on or before the first of day of tiffin delivery. This deposit will be refunded after a paid two-week notice.
  5. In case the tiffin is lost or damaged, you have the option of purchasing a similar box or we will use the deposit to procure a new box. If the deposit is used to procure a new box, another $30 refundable deposit will be required to continue the tiffin service. This $30 deposit will be due with the next weekly payment.
  6. The tiffin service can be frozen/temporarily stopped for up to a maximum of 2 months in a single stretch. If the tiffin service is frozen for longer than 2 months in a single stretch, you will forfeit the security deposit.
  7. The tiffin boxes are expected to be returned the next day itself or whenever we come next for delivery. The tiffin boxes if not returned back by the second day or second time I come there will be a $2 charge for everyday the boxes are not returned.
  8. We reserve the right to update this terms of service.


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Shivani's Kitchen

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